Upholstery Cleaning

Nikki Cleaning provides professional Upholstery Cleaning in London. We use the latest technology and powerful detergents and solutions to help maintain the colours and prolong the lifespan of your furniture.

Our professionally trained technicians are well equipped with the latest machinery and the skills and knowledge required for an extremely high standard steam or dry upholstery cleaning. They will carefully select the most relevant detergent to avoid discolouring of the fabric, in the same time making sure to remove all spots, perfectly cleaning any piece of furniture.

Professional steam cleaning has been proved to be the best method for eliminating dust mites, the main cause for asthma, eczema and other itchy skin conditions. This is also the best cleaning solution as the drying time is short and, in some cases, depending on the type of fabric, you can use your furniture almost straight away.

Our upholstery cleaners will always explain or leave a list with instructions for immediate aftercare.

* Please note that there is a mimimum charge of £50 per visit for Carpet cleaning and Upholstery cleaning.